Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Powerful Media Tea 美白淡斑排毒

This is the tea I taught one of the media artiste who wanted to enjoy kiwi but she has weak stomach.

And so I blend a tea that can all can drink and good for skin whitening and also help to remove damp energy in body and also remove the stagnant toxic in body.
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Bryan Lao Shi De Tea
1 Kiwi
1 Red apple
1 tablespoon OMHEALTH HIGH mountain tea
3 Red Dates

Step 1: Cut all to pieces. Kiwi remove skin and apple remove seeds. Put all in a pot of water and boil for 10mins. Off fire and add the tablespoon of tea.
Drink this tea and it helps in blemishes and freckles issues.


Have you start using omhealth skincare and products

Dont forget the launching of the new oil. Aura 20.

Small Class Teaching coming up

3rd Sep 2017, Sunshine Plaza, 930am to 12pm

email to , Fees $55, interesting door gifts.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wonderful Experience

Is 5 years of the Famous Health and Beauty Chinese TV SHOW


I still remember the nervous feelings I was in the show back in 2013.  I must say I am very thankful to be able to share in the show internationally for omhealth techniques.

Guess what in order for me to use my skincare and oil for show (and normally cannot mention but cover up with stickers) it need alot of approval de as I am not the sponsors.

So for 5 years before show, I will put lavendula vera grapefruit on table. Let everyone smell this fresh oil. And hehehe last year the Queen asked what is that and yes .....

This year I have decided to use my new Glamour facial mist, Grandeur facial oil, Porcelain GuaSha plates and also my Heaven Pheonix stone for facial gua sha.
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This is very risky because u have 1 minute to demo the Gua Sha and Talk about it and she will throw me all questions!!

Guess what the artist face immediate slim and radiant after using my facial Oil and Mist combine as I have shown on live video that day.

Also my exercise ball in 5 element exercise class , is recognized and I will be doing one more class on 5 element exercise class.
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Power Oil Set Was $275

below set now is $250

and limit to 3 set only and is amazing oil.
Interested email to with name mobile and address .

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Himalayan Juniper Berry: $45
Goo to detoxify, it has great effect with arthritis, rheumatism and gout, since it encourages the elimination of uric acid . Also an effective in the fight against cellulite and water retention. Excellent for the treatment of cystitis.
Considered good remedies for anxiety. Dealing with inner trauma and pain because juniper has positive effects on relaxation responses in the brain when inhaled.

Vitality Oil Blend: $45
Life force, digestive, Stagnant energy. Build confidence and courage.
Proect against negative thoughts and difficult people in office. By using few drops wipe table daily.

Spearmint: $35
It induce relaxation in the intestines and muscles of the abdominal region, thereby clearing gases. Relaxing and cooling effect on the brain, which removes stress on our cognitive center. It helps people to concentrate, and since it is a cephalic substance, it helps to cure headaches and other stress related neural problems. This oil is supposed to be good for the overall health and protection of the brain.  Which facilitates menstruation and ensures good uterine.

Ginger Lily Flower: $45

Is  antidepressant, anti-anxiety, stabilizing, grounding,release stress, antifungal, antibacterial
It release traped anger and frustration. It can worn for a special occasion or to create a sense of energetic sensuality in the home.

Bay Laurel Oil $55 6ml
It is a powerful ol for promoting confidence and for helping people to have courage in life and victory and focus  when dealing with challenges or new ideas. The antiseptic property of this oil protects wounds against such infections and inhibits bacterial growth, while helping to avoid those painful situations. : This oil is also known for its antibiotic properties. That means that it inhibits any sort of biotic growth (growth of microbes, bacteria, or fungi) in the body, effectively safeguarding you against those infections

Sunflower Slimming Oil : $50

(Imagine outside one serum is $100 and here is chemical free and good)
Serum x 3 of them and each set: $150 ( was $168)
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Monday, July 10, 2017

20th Anniversary Gold Aura Oil (100 bottles) Ready 30th July 2017

This will be a very beautiful oil from omhealth and I think I will just produced 100 bottles . As this oil is produced to celebrate omhealth 20th Anniversary and all items inside includes very valuable herbs.

Anyway updated Chapter 21 of

Related image

Golden Aura Oil ( A rare blend)
Includes: Agarwood, Sandalwood Aged, Cedarwood, Buddhawood , Elemi Rainforest, Crystal Healing Energy, Patchouli, Bergamots and mix herbs.

The fragrance quiet ur mind and uplifting and reconnect all parts of our being---- Body, Mind and Emotion

Special Price at  12ml for $60  (Super worth for this blend and specially for all) 

Those who buy good quality essential oil will know that someblend in the market cost $130 or more for 12ml

This is Omhealth Golden Blend and u must support.


How to use?

Mix 5 to 8 drops in 12ml rice bran oil or carrier oil. And can use daily massage chest or body.

Emergency: 1 drop direct on palm and inhale from the warm palm (rub both balm together)

Compresses for tension:
add 3 drop of each to a small pail of warm water. Agitate the water thoroughly. Soak a face cloth to the face, holding for 5 seconds. Release and repeat.

Inhalation and Steam IDiffuser

Sprinkle a few drops  onto a handkerchief or tissue, and inhale as required..
Alternatively add  3 drops of yin a bowl of hot water put office table, the scent will travel around rooms to do cleansing. Very powerful

Scented Pillow case
Half hour before sleep--One or two drops of  oil on a pillow case or on a tissue inside the pillow case is a wonderful way to enjoy the soothing and therapeutic effect of this blend. Take care not to get the oil in your eyes!
Also if too strong u can put blanket center part.

Upcoming Event:
1) 3rd Septmber 2017: Small Class Teaching with bryan lao Shi , 10am to 12pm
2) 30th July 2017: Hengness super good luck and mantra affirmation (religion included)
1st October , Bryan Lao Shi 20th year anniversary at CSC club: Health Beauty Luck with Lao Shi.

Email to 

with full name and address

 I will have an Impromtu Book read with Bryan Lao Shi coming up.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Foodcure and YOU

Is kinda of blessing omhealth can share the herbs and vege recipes with many overseas stars .
Thank you all for support.

Dont forget good skincare... U need to use serum daily.

Omhealth has 3 serums

1) Antiage Serum (day and night)
2) Magwhite serum ( use evening) so if u antiage , u use this evening and antiage day
3) Rose C serum (super repair serum can use day and night, u can actually interchange with above)

Of course dont forget to use from fridge ur rose hydrosol or lavender water and i say daily.

DO support because the skin care works and free from harmful chemical.

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Above I intro some soup and dont forget our 20th Anniversary talk at CSC on 1st October 2017.

Yes and this time I was asked to do a introduction of the herbs and vegetables that can be found in Singapore that are good for skin and common ailments.

The recording was this morning . So before the shoot, i did my facial steaming and than follow by my perfectionist moisturiser and the rose water toner. I dont have any foundations at home and they told me i need to do my own make up .... I was like suddenly dont know what to do. So I put a thicker moisturizer follow by premier which a friend gives me and it turns out natural.

Is so important to hydrate ur skin daily with Serums and Moisturiser and Rose or lavender water. It really helps.

Also on the way to the shoot i spray my Glamour DEw Mist gosh... It glows... ahahah

Today I wanna share with u. Is important to go Market and buy something fresh and put in ur fridge once a week. And having a well balance foodcure is better than too many supplements.

I have find and tested the following works wonder.

Image result for tomato eggs
this tomatoes fried egg helps a person sleep better and it works.

1) Insomnia and serious sleep no good.
Papaya and Tomatoes
( I find that if that day before 3pm i eat papaya and dinner i make tomatoe egg i sleep better)

2) face hor if look very dull right.
U eat the mulberry seeds and goji seeds together : 8 seeds each and drink warm water.  After u complete a packet in a few weeks time u will see good skin and eye vision improve.
3) Sometimes if u sweat alot and super tired right: U go market right buy the red sugar cane
Image result for red sugar cane
Than u slam it and boil water put 5 red dates and some pandan leaves. Ur skin hor radiance and also u wont get giddy so easily.
I think u dont do so much first. This few days u go market or NTUC etc, look for these items

Below this 2 items I eat daily now: I tell u super good. It benefits from eyes to skin.

I tell u all what. U all follow my procedure and drink eat above for 21 days. Sugar cane once a week. See how ur health improve too.

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Herbs de 秘密

Upcoming Event

1) 3rd Septmber 2017: Small Class Teaching with bryan lao Shi , 10am to 12pm
2) 30th July 2017: Hengness super good luck and mantra affirmation (religion included)
1st October , Bryan Lao Shi 20th year anniversary at CSC club: Health Beauty Luck with Lao Shi.

Email to 

with full name and address/

Clearing the heat of weather and boost immune system:

1) Lavendula vera + Peppermint one drop each with 3 drops rice bran oil. Massage neck shoulder urself
2) Than a drop peppermint on palm, rub both palm warm than inhale abit only. and use ur palm finger comb ur head. Or use a kwa sha plate end gently move from top of head to base of head 10 times.

Follow by 2. and follow by 3.

The few oil combine with massage can clear heat and headache energy.


After the head massage, drink a tea can help ten times recovery from headaches, neckaches and tiredness.

Best Prevention Maintenance this weather is to drink my High Moutain GOLD tea. It works. ANd is super good quality. Now avaliable 13 box arrival le, under miscellaneous.


This weather u can use Witch Hazel mist if u have allergy skin and also rose water and Double blue flower aloe gel.

Bryan Lao Shi Power tea to drink after massage head.

Bryan lao shi 速速消暑防痛茶。

Aromatherapy Chinese Herbs  The reason why I call this blend aromatherapy herbs because when boil, whole house have scent of flowers and can clear house bad energy . Ahahah

Also when they are combines can be very effective in flu and cold prevention.

1) 荆芥 5gram,防风 5gram,赤小豆 2 tablespoon,香薷 8gram,甘草 5 slice,黄芩 10g,川芎 (7g)。 Two slice葛根。

Boil 1.2 litre of water for half hour.

above plant is 香薷

History of above Huang Qin : 李时珍 (the ancient famous doctor who written herbs dictionary)生于明朝嘉靖年间,自幼聪明伶俐,好学上进,小小年纪就立志考取功名。光耀门庭。

正在李时珍的父母悲伤绝望之际,村子里来了一位从远方云游到此的道士,这位道人白发长髯,颇有一种仙风道骨的味道。闻言道人专治疑难杂症,小时珍的父母急忙把道人请到家中给他看病。道士给小时珍号了脉象后,捋捋长髯说: “不妨,不妨,此病只需服用黄芩30克,加水两盅,煎至一盅,服用半月即可痊愈。“时珍的父母半信半疑地按方煎药。奇迹出现了。半月之后,小时珍身热全退,痰多咳嗽的症状也消失了,身体逐渐恢复健康。一味黄芩居然起到了立竿见影的治疗效果。

Bryan Lao Shi Herbs experience since 1998: I am no TCM but i work with flowers and herbs for shower, drink .

U dont need to be a TCM to be able to match some simple herbs. This is base on many years of experience. Below herbs i blend with help of TCM doctors approval.  

U imagine ancient time how herbalist work, is they communicate with plants daily and come out of formulars.

The formulars below make use of scent plant dried like a tea. To drives away headaches heatiness and calm mind. 

No automatic alt text available.

3rd Sep 2017: Small Class Teaching

(previous students who attended the tea house one, u dont have to come for this one). Small Class Teaching will be divided to 3 segment

Small Class Teaching A  (done at 25th June, next one is 3rd Sep 2017)
Register, once confirmed will inform u.

Small Class Teaching B (planned Nov)
Small Class Teaching C

Once completed A, B and C. U will receive bryan lao shi 4 stone healing set (small activated thumble specially activated) and a certification of participation .

Not for newbies;;

Related image
Small Class Teaching (A)

3rd September (for students who attended any omhealth workshop before)
A very detailed explanations and techniques for health and foodcure
Interactive and Heaps of knowledge loading to you. 

Fees: $60
Items door gifts: A bottle of Mist for face (new), Honey set sample size, one pipagao, a small bottle of 7 treasure herbs powder (exclusive for all)
Venue: Sunshine Plaze (will be announced room)
Time: 10am to 12pm (after that u all can cross the road to bugis)

Bryan Lao Shi acupressure points effectively clear blockages and is discussed with top TCM and expert before he come out with this series of procedure.
When u do it correctly is better than u press 100 points . It further benefits of acupressure range from relaxation to removing toxins in our body.
With Bryan lao Shi foodcure you can learn how to relieve many types of discomfort and have more control over your well being.
Image result for herbs and foodcure

Monday, June 26, 2017

Small Class Teaching completed

Small Class Teaching Completed 2017 25th June

My dream fulfilled:>

Most of my classes are in hundreds. One day while I was walking home from as usual market. I tot of wouldnt it be good to have a small class and focus on the topics and let everyone excel.

For me now , ensuring students learn and apply plus able to share with more people is number thing in omhealth business. (again u all must support, really never market this mucha haha)

The 25 students who attended the class yesterday will be able to proceed to part 2 and part 3. After which I will produce a certificate of appreciation for all who attended the 3 parts.

For those who attended the small class. A private newsletter will be email by my students to let u all know the second small class part 2.... (what is inside ur secret herb powder)

Image result for benefits of balanced food cure
My personal advises for all

No matter what your age, your daily

 i) breathing exercise 2 mins
ii) Acupressure 3 mins
iii) Eating a healthy, balanced diet daily provides the nutrients your body needs to keep your bones, organs and muscles in optimum shape. 
iv) Buy fruits home weekly and eat before 3 pm one fruit daily
v) Eat greens daily can overcome bodyaches, headaches

vi) Choose chemical free shampoo and toothpaste as it absorb to ur body.
v) Use daily omhealth rose hydrosol and 2 essential oil.
vi) Comb head daily gently

nutrients include fats, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Healthy eating may also help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your heart health, prevent diabetes and improve your brain function.


NEXT Small Class Teaching : New class will be announced soon.

It will be $68 per pax for 2 full hours of training. And door gifts given. And each has a $10 omhealth voucher plus a small bottle of omhealth student ownself grind powder for tea (super treasure seven powder).

Stay tune and is opened for 20 pax

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Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people sitting

Friday, June 23, 2017

25th June $90 small class

Left 2 seats! For students only !

Preparation !

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Is a very good toothpaste

Especially now we need to take care what we put into the mouth daily.

I think this Singapore brand do well and their toothpaste is so much cheaper than commercial brand. and now has promo all30, further 30 percent discount. Change all ur toothpaste to this. It took me 2 years to research and two years ago many know i was searching for toothpaste.

The Real Red® Toothpastes Pearlie White®'s most affordable variant yet and delivers on Pearlie White®'s promise, which is, to make high-quality, made-in-Singapore oral care products readily accessible to value-conscious consumers. 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tv show

I turn down two tv show with very powerful exposure and many friends say I am silly!

But they wan me to mention products that I don't drink or use or have any believe !

Lucky I have u all and omhealth ahaha!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Working with Face Serum and Essential Oil (Chat with students)

Dont forget to register for upcoming classes

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hives, Rashes, Feeling Headaches and Damp energy TEA

Hi if u have headaches and maigrain do use

3oil method (with rice oil or lotion) Lavender peppermint marrjoram massage neck upper back than a drop peppermint warm palm and massage neck and fore head temples

(pregnancy avoid all the recipes here)
天麻 (2 pieces), 葛根 (2 pieces), 甘草 (4 slices),苍耳子(1 Chinese tablespoon) (散风寒;通鼻窍;祛风湿;止痒。 主治:鼻渊;风寒头痛;风湿痹痛;风疹;湿疹;疥癣 ), 熟薏仁 (2 CTBS),薏仁 (2 CTBS)。U can after all cooked add 6 chrysanthemum. 

CTBS: Chinese Table Spoon. Do not ask me to translate herbs to English names because after translation, the uncle/aunty in the medical hall does not know how to sell to you. You must make an effort by asking your friends or print out and show this when you go to the medical hall.

I brew this tea once a week to drink even when I am feeling ok. The tea is specially good for feeling of headaches or migraine that is coming, hives and rashes due to damp energy. The combination is from my AH MA's secret formulas and further approved by Chinese TCM .

This new herbs 苍耳子 is a seed that helps sinus, anti itch, eczema. 天麻, 葛根 are the ingredients that are always use in making fish head soup which effectively cure headaches......

Procedure: Wash all ingredients and put into a pot of 800ml to 1 litre water. Boil for 20mins. Drink when cool. Drink when needed.

Leng and Lai Travel

I have a email to order promo

Antiage serum and Magwhite serum and choose one of the mask at $168 and courier fee is $5.
Email to with proper details:> cheers

No automatic alt text available.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Leng and Lai will be to USA for 2 weeks. All courier will be checked by Bryan once a week so courier will delay . And packing done by Bryan and parents also ahahah:>

Please take note ok:>


Hi all courier is always $8 to $11 per trip  (sometimes on parcel sizes)but they increase the price
again and omhealth always absorb and maintain $3!

We need to increase to $5 ;

Thank you for your understanding:>

Korean Cafe Meet up with Bryan Lao Shi and Dr Xu

Venue : Korea Coffee House in Orchard  13th August 2017

Image result for korean cafe singapore

Date: 13th August 2017

Fees; $68 (ur breakfast worth $25, as they only allow me to organise with $25 per head spending)

Special Guest: Dr Xu Lili will see ur tongue and tell ur health for as many people as possible (cannot quarrel .

Bryan Lao Shi will teach ur eye care and also face beauty and health la.

Door Gift included

Time: 930am ( we eat breakfast, the food hor we prepare le, actually this is an extra gesture from omhealth to thank all, so cannot complaint food.)

Limited to special 40 pax (students and those attended workshop before) also asking them to prepare Mango Lavender cake bite for all. I stress le this gathering.

Email to, name and mobile and payment to be made. If no come, the fees will not be refundable or exchange products because i order food le, and end up eat up ur food and be fat fat ahahah.

Upcoming Event

A)Tea House with Bryan Lao Shi 25th June FULL HOUSE. 16th July cancelled.

Event A: 30th JULY 2017

Positive Affirmation and Simple Effective Bai Bai and Meditation for renew energy with Bryan Lao Shi
Venue: CSC club (for students or those who attended workshop before)
Fees: $38 per pax

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Skin Issues and Eczema Hives, female issues

In this blog, under the label beside " Hives eczema" Besides using those blend u can do the followin acupressure.

The oil can be obtained from 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Meet Up Small Pro Class with Bryan Lao Shi (FULL HOUSE) 25th June and next is 16th July 2017

The next Class will announce soon .

As 25th June class full house;
Small Class Teaching next New Date: 16th July 2017
For students who attended workshop before;

Free Gifts:
1) Omhealth Special Blend
2) footpatch x 2 and a stem cell drink
3) 3 leg brand special gift
4) A sample bottle of honey
5) a jsmall bottle joint formular supplements

25th June  (FULL HOUSE).     
1pm to 3pm   ( Next Class 16th July)
Fees: $90

(15 seats stictly)

Is a 1 pm class ok ! I never given noon class for ages! Meet and learn with bryan lao shi of class size 15 at Shaw tower tea house exclusive ! u will meet Bryan's 3 students and myself sharing

 1) Aromatherapy Techniques for some ailments.
2) Meridians (focus on 2 meridians)
3) Tea tasting segment by tea lao shi
4) Aroma back massage demo and Exercise techniques
5) Local herbs sharing:>
6) Moxibustion simple points
7) Light Grounding Non religious health Meditation

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tea house 25 June full house 

Is full house 

Friday, May 19, 2017

25 June 

Hi all I would like to announce the date change to 25 June as my flora water gift for u is delayed ahahaa and also Leng Leng Europe back in 17 worry not enough man power help me

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Clary Sage Oil

Dakota Walk health and Luck: 6th May: refer to

Clary Sage Oil was launched last year by Omhealth.

Image result for clary sage

It is actually extracted from the leaves and flowering top of the plant.
Origin from: Morocco

Aroma : Sweet, heady and flora.
Color: Colourless to pale yellow

Main usages: Relaxing and tonic

Circulatory System: Excellent for reducing blood pressure and heart palpilations issues.
Balance hormones system and reducing PMS
relieves pain of menstrual cramps
beneficial for menopause

Nervous System

It is like a cushion that induce a sense of well being and optimism and create a peaceful aura around u.
It helps to release mental stress and disorders. . It relaxes the nerve impulses and doesn’t allow those uncontrollable spasms to occur. . It does not only strengthen your gums, but also strengthens and tones the skin if u dilute use it, muscles and hair follicles, preventing hair loss and making you look and feel younger. It functions as an antioxidant in this way by tightening up the skin that might be sagging due to the activity of free radicals present in the body.


When use for final rinse for skin (a drop in a mug water) can sooth inflammed skin and balance oily skin and also famous for dandruff issues and stimulates hair growth.

I use for facial steaming to prevent deep wrinkles.

Omhealth Clary Sage Super clinical grade and fresh

12ml at $50 and is super worth it.

U can add few drops to ur shampoo and shake it well.

1) For PMS, u can rub 2 drops at abdomen and than perform deep breathing exericse
2) Feeling lost, a drop in tissue than compress between eyebrow 5 seconds and inhale from tissue
3) Feeling out of sort, like not in tune with urself now, or lost or confuse. U can use clary sage and apply a drop at your Nei Guan Point and press for 1 minute.

Image result for nei guan

Super Calming Mediation Blend

10-15 ml rice bran or jojoba oil: 3 drops clary sage, 2 drops frankincense, 2 drops awakening and 1 drop roman chamomile:

Use this blend apply chest or perform head massage and after that rinse hair with water wash off.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Dull Skin Quick Remedies

When we pass 35 or 40. Many will notice the skin seems to get dull easily. Well the need to perform facial scrub is extremely important.

Trust me before u can achieve nice skin. Use this scrub

Back in 2004 omhealth launched its first Vanilla facial scrub. A facial scrub that is more than $45. Is a scrub u will love it.
Image result for omhealth Anti age Renewal Flora Facial Scrub

Omhealth  Anti age Renewal Flora Facial Scrub

Is blended with herbs and very precious rare Vanilla and the jojoba beads is blended with cleanser cream that help replenish skin natural oil and exfoliate dead skin. The very mild beads i high technology that make ideal for sensitive skin.

Features: Paraben-free; Sulfate-free;Silicone-free, Artificial colour-free.
["If you have active acne or are suffering from rosacea then you must not use a scrub on your face as it may aggravate your skin problem." ]

Omhealth Flora Facial Scrub
rich in antioxidants which prevent and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals. It helps to slow down signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots and make your skin smooth and soft.

a good source of  Bs and pantothenic acid which play an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin. The antioxidant properties of vanilla protect your skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins

How many times should you use Vanilla Scrub?
Normal skin: 
Exfoliate twice or thrice a week

Dry skin: Exfoliate not more than twice a week

Combination skin : Exfoliate twice a week

Oily skin: Exfoliate twice a week
Sensitive skin: Exfoliate once a week only


After facial Scrub dont forget to immediate use the

1) Hydrating face and eye mask
2) True Brightening facial Mask

1) Graduer Facial Oil from cactus (HIT and many skin radiant)
2) Day Milk Lotion (perfect texture)
3) True Brightening MAsk (Best mask in market beside my hydrating face and eye mask)
4) Rose C Brightening Serum (love it u will)
5) True Brightening Moisturiser (use day or night after serum)

A)  Hydration Day Milk Moisturizer  ($55)

This texture takes me 4 years to research for Singaporeans skin and easy absorb yet good for sensitive skin and nutrients absorption.
And i proudly replace the algae series moisturiser with this. And is really amazing the texture.

Hydration Day Facial Milk comprises hydrating, nourishing and enriching ingredients formulated to help protect the face from dehydration and environmental damage
Design for Singaporeans skin and weather.
Paraben-free; Sulfate-Free;silicone-free, artificial colour-free.

B) Rose C Brightening Serum  ($55)
No automatic alt text available.
A super hydrating serum enriched with Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, honey and macadamia oil for an intense moisture boost and also Rainforest plumfor brightening the complexion.

Algae collagen : Hydrating extract with excellent skin feel for day-long moisturisation and repair.
Rose:  Skin repair properties and light aroma
Certified organic Honey:  is also a rich source of antioxidant flavonoids and phenolic acids for skin repair.
White Kaolin: Dissolve impurities
Jojoba: o protect from environmental pollutants.
Macadamia: Rich in Omega 7 fatty acid which has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Great for skin rejuvenation and moisturisation. Light skin feel.
Hyyaroulnic: binds over 600 times its weight in moisture to keep the skin looking hydrated and feeling smooth.

C) True Moisturizer  ($55)

This Anti-Ageing Face Cream is enriched with antioxidant Resveratrol and White Tea for all-round anti-ageing benefits. It has power C works to help u achieve a bright and even complexion plus the famous hyaluronic acid boosts skin hydration throughout the day.
Directions: Massage onto face and neck until fully absorbed. Use morning and night after applying omhealth serum (rose C serum or antiage serum or magwhite serum(night)
True Brightening Mask:

Image result for omhealth true brightening mask
Ingredients is amazing
Ingredients: Purified Water, Avocado, Macadamia, Natural Vitamin E,, Soya Bean Oil, Powerful Lavendula vera, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Grape Seed Extract, Paper Mulberry Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Cranberry Fruit Extract
It can soothe and calm skin too..
This mask is taking over the rose mask as we have further increase the herbs and good for all.

When ur skin is tired, dehydrated and lack of brightness. Use it.

U can leave it in fridge. And daily use 15mins and wash off. Or apply 3 times a week. U will love it.

Grandeur Facial Oil
This is the latest facial oil with Cactus fruit, Cherry seed oil, and pomegranate oil and u love it .



It can stimulates cell renewal and enable u to have fresh bright skin and reuce pigmentation yes pigmentation.
This oil intensely hydrates the skin, it is suitable for all skin types but works 
This oil keep the collagen layer of your skin moist and healthy, this keeps your pores tight.
Because of Vitamin K it lighten dark under-eye circles and minimize spider veins.
Contains the highest levels of Betelains of any known plant (more than Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberries, Gogi and Beets). Betelains are super antioxidants with powerful anti-aging effects.
Increases cell renewal. The high fatty acid content plumps the skin, reducing wrinkles and adding firmness, as well as intercepting free radical damage.
Having a high Linoleic Acid content and a low  Oliec Acid content makes this oil absolutely non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and lead to breakouts.
This oil is non-irritating, deeply nourishing and soothing. It calms inflammation and hydrates the skin.


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gradeur Facial Oil

Mother's Day Promotion Set to pamper u and ur elderly

All the essential oil in the pic and balm and a packet gold tea and ginger and also the aroma bracelet designed for u to put few drops oil to it.

All at $300 and courier is $6 for this pack. Total $306.

I have extended to 5 set for blog readers and students.

To order email to and u need to transfer first POSB saving 033485310 of $306 once transfer inform with address and mobile we will courier in 4 days;

Herbal Tea for Detox

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How to use facial Oil?

How to use some basic Oil for Immunity

Herbal Tea for Detox